Boghiș commune is a newly established and in continuous development commune. From the date of the re-establishment of the commune, June 17, 2005, there have been accessed funds through projects, and their implementation has led to the economic development of the commune and to the increase of the living standards. Boghiş commune is located in the central-western part of Sălaj County, 15 km away from Şimleu Silvaniei town and 35 km away from Zalău.
The commune consists of two villages: Boghiș and Bozieș.

The commune is crossed by Barcău River, Valea Mare River and Iaz creek. The road connection is very good being made through a county road and two communal roads. The county road crosses Boghiș village on a length of 5 km and makes the connection between the localities Nușfalău and Ciucea. In the northern part of the commune is located Băile Boghiş resort which is a touristic attraction due to the thermal water.

Local events
• "Banffy" Days Boghiş - September (01)
• Ball of the grapes - October (02)
• Christmas Tree Celebration - December