Ip commune is located in the western part of Sălaj county, at a distance of 45 km from Zalău municipality, and 17 km from the nearest urban center, Şimleu Silvaniei. Ip commune is located at the contact between Şimleului Depression and Camărului Hills. The localities Ip, Zăuan and Zăuan-Băi, situated north of Barcău River are included in Cămarului hills and the territory of the localities Cosniciu de Sus, situated south of Barcău River belongs to Şimleului Depression.

Ip commune is composed of five villages: Ip - the village of residence, Cosniciu de Jos, Cosniciu de Sus, Zăuan, Zăuan-Băi.

Ip commune is bordered by the following communes: to the North by Camăr and Carastelec communes, to the North-East by Măerişte commune, to the South-East by Nuşfălău commune, to the South by Halmăşd commune, to the West by Marca commune.

Agriculture is the main economic branch of the commune. The inhabitants of Ip commune are recognized as being big farmers, standing out through the high productions of cereals, vegetables and not the least through the quality of the wine produced in this part of the country. Benefiting from important reserves of coal, Ip commune, throughout time, became known as being an important mining center from the northwest of the country.

Access routes in the commune

From the residence of the administrative-territorial unit, the component villages are located at distances between 3 km Cosneciu de Jos, 4 km Cosneciu de Sus, 2 km Zauan and 3 km Zauan-Bai. The connection of the villages with the towns in the area is achieved through the national road 19B, connecting the county centers Zalau-Oradea, as well as through the railroad Jibou-Sarmasag-Sacuieni-Oradea, Ip railway station providing the inhabitants the access to the urban centers. By the county road DJ109P Ip-Cerisa-Halmasd, is made the conection with the towns from the center of Bihor county, and on the county road Ip-Camar is ensured the exit of the inhabitants in Zauan-Bai to the national road.



The history of the ancient land of Salaj gets lost in the mists of time, it being an integral part of the multimillenary history of the existence of the Romanian people. Due to the natural conditions which have always been offered by these places, man has lived here since prehistoric times. The archeological researches proved the human presence from the Neolithic age at Zauan and Ip.

Vestiges and archaeological sites

On the territory of Ip commune there is a significant number of vestiges and archaeological sites, which are included on the list of historical monuments in Sălaj county. These objectives are the following: Dacian settlement from the II - III centuries AD in the meadow of Barcăului valley, Cosniciu de Jos; Bronze Age settlement at the point "Bánffy - Tag" at the SE end of Zăuan village, in Barcăului valley; "Akasztódomb" settlement from the Neolithic, Tisa culture at 1,5 km NW of Zăuan village, on the first terrace on the left of Barcău; "Temetődomb" ("Dâmbul Cimitirului") from the Neolithic, at the NE edge of the village, on the right side of the road Zalău-Şimleu-Oradea, but unfortunately they are not signaled and are not capitalized and there is no information about them.