Marca commune is located at the western limit of Sălaj County, on DN19B, Nusfalău - Săcuieni. To the west is bordered by Bihor County and to the east and southeast by the communes Ip, Camăr and Halmăşd. The nearest urban center is Şimleu Silvaniei located at 25 km, Zalău at 54 km and Oradea at 85 km.

Marca commune is composed of four villages: Marca - the village of residence, Porţ, Lesmir, Şumal and Marca-Huta.
The archaeological excavations from Marca Fortress have discovered numerous pottery fragments, bringing important details regarding the Dacian civilization before the Roman conquest. Also here, around the foundation of the medieval tower and on the plateau of the fortress, were discovered pottery fragments from the Middle Ages. Due to the favorable geographical conditions and to the tradition of military center, Marca commune quickly developed economically.

Port history

The tradition kept about the establishment of Porț village says that this locality was founded by four families that came from the neighboring village, Marca. Without keeping documents regarding the moment of the establishment of the village, the first mentions of the locality date back to the fourteenth century, more precisely in 1393 - from the documents of attestation results that the name was of Olah Porcelany - (interesting issue that would attest a pottery activity recognized at great distance; The clay is present in area, which can represent a raw material of good quality), when Porț locality is the subject of an exchange of estates from one owner to another. By other sources, the first documentary attestation of the locality takes place only in 1477.