Plopiş commune is located in the southwestern part of Sălaj County, 55 km away from Zalău municipality. The access in the commune is made on the county road 110 and on the communal road 85. Plopiş commune is part of Sălaj County and it is located in the southwestern part of the county having as neighbors: to the north Nuşfalău commune, to the east and south-east Valcău commune, to the south and southwest the communes Şinteu and Borod, to the west Halmăşd commune.

Plopiş commune comprises the following villages: Plopiş - the village of residence, Iaz and Făgetu.

The villages belonging to Plopiş commune date back from quite distant times. The oldest is Plopiş village, known under the name of Giumelcis, dating from the period of the early feudalism, more precisely since 1227. Iaz village dates back to 1342, Făgetu village from 1830, known under the name of Valea Ungurului.

Touristic routes

• Plopiş - Făgetu village -Plopiş Mountains- hikes on Valea Mare towards the springs - towards Creţului Peak (756m)